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Specialists in all Hardwood Floor Sanding with over 30 years experience in all Restoration and Wood finishing techniques

Floor Sanding Specialists Weymouth


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Dustless Floor Sanding

Revolutionary state-of-the-art technology:

DCS Dust Containment System

Collection & containment of air-borne wood dust.


At all times there is minimum disruption and mess, we use specialist machines which are dust free, so there is minimal impact on the rest of your home, whilst your floor is being sanded so there will be no mess left behind.

Screed and Coat

Refresh existing floors

Abrade to ensure adhesion

Staining & Colouring

Application of oil or water based stain

Custom colour mixing

Required expertise in blending into existing areas



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and we can then provide you with the information and assistance you require.

So when that floor needs some TLC to bring it back to its former glory, turn it over to the restoration experts

at Acorn Floor Sanding for professional results,  every time.

All Hardwood Floor Sanding; Pine, Oak, Teak, Acacia, Walnut, Mahogney

Engineered Floors

All Parquet Block Floors

Dust Free Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding and Finishing

Removal of Bitumen

Floor Restoration

Gap Filling

Water Based Lacquer, Staining, Wax Oiling

Tinting, Colouring and Effects

Specialist Finishes and Seals

Acorn Floor Sanding Services Domestic and Commercial

Sanding and Finishing

Existing or new wood, reclaimed wood, all Hardwood Floors, Pine, Oak, Teak, Parquet and Engineered Floors

Rough sanding, paint stain removal & old finish removal.

Gap filling

Progressive sanding to create smooth and level surfaces

Environmentally — Eco-friendly products

Finishing Choices —oil based Hard wax or water based



Weymouth Dustfree floor Sanding

Dust Free Floor Sanding

The New Dust Containment System  is unlike any other dust containment unit you have ever seen.


Designed for the floor sanding market, collecting even the finest dust particles.


It can be connected to any of our floor sanders.


Minimising any disruption to your home or workplace. All our sanding methods are dust free leaving No Mess Behind.


Finishing and Coating

Water-based Eco-friendly lacquers &

Oil-based hard wax finishes

Satin sheens and Matt, Staining

Standard finish of 3 coats applied with upgrade available

Special Wood Finishes and Seals

White Tints, Colouring and Effects.


Speciality Services

Speciality floors such as Parquet and Engineered

Consultant and Advisory — Commercial — Residential

on all hard and soft wood floors, colours and finishing techniques.



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The full range of our expertise

A Professional assessment on all aspects of wood restoration, problem solving and appropriate finishing techniques.  


We sand floors, finish them and maintain them, we are specialist in this field with over 30 years of experience in the industry we have developed the skills and expert knowledge to give superior quality results every time.

Acorn Floor sanding offers the full professional service covering every stage of your wood floor restoration.


Why is the Octi-Disc floor sander so effective on Wood Floors?


The patented Octi-Disc Technology makes it three machines in one!


1. a Floor Sander

2. a Floor Edger

3. a Floor Buffer


As well as edging to within 3mm of the wall.


Acorn Offers a  level of service and quality, second to none

We at Acorn Floor Sanding would like to give you an insight into the process of restoration, sanding and restoration of wooden floors. 

We have extensive experience in a wide range of wood flooring from small domestic floors (like your dining room) to large sports halls, school halls, pubs and restaurants. 

At all times there is minimum disruption and mess, we use specialist machines which are dust free, so there is minimal impact on the rest of your home whilst your floor is being refurbished.

Our machines are  Dust Free, we use state of the art specialist sanding equipment and all our machines are fitted with Dust Extractors, to prevent any Dust in your Home or Business.

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Floor sanding on all floor boards downstairs.

“Excellent service. Work Superb. Outstanding cleanliness. Worth every penny.”

– Customer in Bournemouth ( 1 ) 24 July 2015


Acorn Floor Sanding provides a revolutionary way to sand and finish a wooden floor by using the latest technology The Werkmaster!

It takes floor sanding  to another level.

The Octi Disc Sander can sand in any direction, not leaving chatter marks,stalls  tool marks or divots in the floor, as most Sanding Machines do.

Leaving a premium flat, smooth finish on the floor, which transforms even the oldest and most worn of floors into something truly impressive


Delivers results that are unattainable from today’s comparable belt and drum sanders.


Specially designed for Parquet and Engineered Floors.

Tf Edger

Acorn Floor Sanding provides a revolutionary way to sand and finish a wooden floor by using the latest technology


Floor sanding.

“Company very good, we were completely surprised by the lack of dust during the process. Finished floor looks good.”

Verified By Telephone– Customer in Christchurch ( 1 ) 16 June 2017 Checkatrade