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The environmental benefits of wood flooring have played a significant role in its rise as a popular floor covering choice.


Variety and Beauty

Wood floors have a natural warmth and timeless beauty that no other floor covering can offer.


Easy to maintain

For regular maintenance, wood floors with a lacquer finish require simple sweeping or vacuuming or Damp Squeezy Mop to Clean. No Chemicals.



Wood flooring not only increases property value, but it also never goes out of style.


Healthier than alternatives

Wood flooring offers a multitude of health benefits. It does not trap dust, allergens and other particulates.  

The warmth and rich character of wood flooring has helped this floor covering earn unprecedented popularity

What is it exactly about wooden floors that make them so appealing?


Wood Floors, add beauty and warmth to your Home

Floor Boards


We always use specialist finishing / polishing equipment after sanding, resulting in enhancing the appearance of your wooden floor together with the durability of the finish.

Parquet Blocks


Five finger parquet blocks brought back to their former glory using our specialist parquet sanding machines that allow us to achieve the finest finish possible, unobtainable using traditional sanding equipment.


Due to the nature of parquet floors the grain of the wood does not run the same and overlays can be thin, therefore our skilled team using the Octi-Disc Sander which sands in any direction,    gives your parquet floor the restoration it deserves.

Solid Wood


Require refinishing as old coatings wear and scratches or dents detract from their natural beauty.


We go that step further when sanding solid wood floors using the best sanding technology available, resulting in virtually dust free floor sanding taken to the finest finish possible, maximising the durability of coatings used


Reclaimed Wood Floors


Reclaimed wood is sourced and reclaimed from old buildings such as schools and factories which would other wise be burnt or land filled.

Recycle and reuse the old timber to create stunning floors domestically and commercially

Floor Boards

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Engineered Wood


However, because of the unique composition of engineered flooring, caution must be used in any attempt to refinish them. A belt sander can damage an engineered floor in a heartbeat, or remove too much wood, shortening the life of the floor.


Not a worry with our New WerkMaster, because our system removes the finish quickly without damaging or removing too much wood from your Engineered floor.

Engineered dance floor, Acorn

Floor sanding.

“Transformed tired looking floor boards in old rooms into fantastic floors. Thinking of doing more rooms.”

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Sanding, filling and lacquering sitting room floor.

“Excellent service, reliable, experienced team of chaps. Very polite and courteous. Clearly knew their trade and worked efficiently and well. Excellent job done well and quickly. Would definitely use again.”

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At Acorn Floor sanding we  strongly believe in our goal, to help you enhance the natural beauty of  your wooden floor.

Our many years of technical experience and extensive innovation we have produced a range of products and services with uncompromising quality that preserve and protect wood's uniquely, beautiful appearance

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